13 Apr 2022 08:25:39

Be Prepared for the inevitable change, Automobile Businesses. There is nothing permanent except change Heraclitus

The Covid pandemic has brought many changes in the way businesses work. One such change is our tremendous dependence on digital innovations.

Organizations, industries, and people are shifting to digital platforms to handle the demands of modern society. Now it's time for the automobile industry to enter into the digital world. Experience the world of digital by incorporating it into your business, which gives your business the much-needed wings to reach heights.

Why digitalization? 

In this technologically advanced world, adapting technology into business is important. There is always a correlation between digitalization and increased productivity and efficiency. To be in the race, adaptable, and accepting change are important. If not, businesses will fall behind in the competition-fueled digital world. 

Why do automobiles need digitalization? 

Hurry! Busy! These are the words we often hear in this ready in 2 minutes generation. Waiting in a queue for manual service booking and documentation process will annoy many. Time is precious for everyone. Saving time by expediting is impossible in the manual process, but error-free fast customer service is possible with the Infopoint - automobile management software specially designed for the garages. 

Innovation to digitalize automobiles: 

After much research and groundwork on the requirements of automobile owners, Infopoint app has been developed. Everything an entrepreneur requires to manage his business is met in this app. One app for all problems faced in the day-to-day manual process. Easy booking, digitalized job cards, E-invoice, Receipts, etc., Stress-free business management is now possible with the Infopoint- automobile management software. Specially launched for automobile businesses, garages, etc.

What's special about this app? 

With the Infopoint app, it is now possible to manage your business from anywhere. All the proceedings of your business can be monitored from a single app. You don't need separate software for each requirement. Infopoint is an all-in-one app from billing to management. 

Go digital Go paper-free: 

Paper-free business is possible with the Infopoint app. With the Infopoint app, it’s easy to create and send E-invoices or E-receipts through multiple platforms with just a click. One of the biggest advantages of going digital is that all your data will be saved, no more losing important documents. Complete customer data will be saved for 5 years. Not relevant with this topic, approved without this point. 

Digitalize your payment options: 

One thing customers expect from any business is paying the bill in their comfortable method, rushing to ATMs just to settle the bill will displease them. With the Infopoint app, collecting bill amounts is now easy. With multiple payment options available in the Infopoint app, customers can choose their convenient method to pay the bill. UPI payments on the bill amount can also be made by just scanning the QR code available in the app.

Accessing customer data simplified: 

No more tiring job of searching page after page to find a customer's details. When you want to search for a customer, just type their name, number, or vehicle detail in the search bar. Specially customized search option for automobile management and garages. From their last visit to the services, they undertook including their insurance details can be viewed. 

Connect with your customers: 

Connected customers are key to regular business. From customizable targeted campaigns to personalized SMS reminders are now possible with the Infopoint app. 

Infopoint app is a modern solution for automobile business management. Infopoint is the only app an entrepreneur needs to digitize their business to make it future-ready. 

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