19 Jul 2022 04:43:35

How Infopoint helps tackle the challenges faced by independent auto repair shops & mechanics

Vehicle registrations are increasing year on year which leads to a concomitant rise in demand for service stations.

Vehicle registrations are increasing year on year, which leads to a concomitant rise in demand for service stations. To convert every opportunity into profit, effective management of the automobile business is important. In this blog, we will see some challenges faced in auto repair shops and how Infopoint helps manage those challenges.   

Infopoint garage management software is specially designed for small to medium-scale automobile businesses and independent mechanics to help run their business efficiently.    

Efficiency and speeding up: 

One phrase we often hear nowadays is “time is money”, people expect things to happen swiftly. Especially in automobile workshops, documentation processes like Job card creation, noting down customer and vehicle detail, entering logbooks, etc., take time and resources. To speed up the documentation process without any manual error Infopoint app really helps, even the tiring and time-consuming job card creation can be done in just six simple steps and the complicated, E-invoices, and E-receipt can be created and shared with customers in a snap.    


The next problem faced in automobile workshops is scheduling or confusion in scheduling services. Leaving an opportunity or scheduling more than a serviceable number of vehicles at a time both affect the growth of business equally. Infopoint app helps in fixing this service scheduling confusion by providing an in-app calendar, it helps to fix an agreeable timeline at the time of booking, to avoid scheduling clashes.    


One thing auto repair shops struggle with the most is marketing their business. Infopoint makes this easy by designing easy-to-use campaigns so that anyone can easily market their business. It is important to target the right audience, with this app you can run location-based, loyalty-based target campaigns.   

Service reminder: 

In this busy world, it is common to forget routine vehicle service, which leads to trouble in specific parts of the vehicle or at times the entire system of the vehicle may misbehave, so it is important to remind customers of their routine vehicle service. It is not possible for small-scale businesses to send service reminders to each customer. Infopoint makes it easy, now with the app, even small businesses can send their customers service reminders without fail. 

The right investment is important: 

More than hard work, efficiency, and keeping the systems in place, the right investment for your business is crucial. As per the change in the market, change in technology, upgrading is essential for businesses. Infopoint app is one such essential investment for your business, the right investment at the right time will give a good start for your business. Invest today in the Infopoint app and take your business to the next level.  

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