28 Jul 2022 11:27:18

What are the benefits of a garage management app

In the emerging market of the automobile industry the preference of people is shifting towards multi-brand car service centers particularly among the post warranty vehicle owners

In the emerging market of the automobile industry, the preference of people is shifting towards multi-brand car service centers, particularly among the post-warranty vehicle owners.  

One article stated that in India, only 35% of all “post-warranty cars” head back to authorized service centers. The rest 65% of cars choose to go to multi-brand car service centers. The cost factor along with at-par or superior service quality is a pressing reason which actually pulls the average car owner from authorized dealerships to multi-brand car service centers.    

If you are managing a small to medium-level service center, staying ahead of the curve in this competitive market will be hard and impractical. But you can make the impossible possible with the Infopoint garage management software.  

Infopoint automobile management app is being successfully used by a number of garages all around India. It cuts down on their admin time and makes them more focused on business. This app has all the functionalities necessary for day-to-day auto service business management. 

Things you can do with the Infopoint app: 

  • Simplified service bookings 

  • Job card creation in quick and simple steps 

  • A detailed expense report 

  • E-invoice that can be shared via multiple platforms 

  • Service reminder & Insurance reminder SMS in a click 

  • Events (birthdays, anniversary SMS) 

  • Store complete customer details with vehicle information 

  • Run campaigns and loyalty programs without any extra investment 

  • Manage multiple branches and many more   

Benefits the Infopoint app brings: 

  • Saves time 

  • Increases profit 

  • Expedites manual documentation process 

  • Helps you to keep track of your expenses 

  • Improves customer relationship 

  • Better business management etc. 

Around 75% of the aftermarket auto repair is dependent on independent auto repair shops. Stay ahead of the curve with the Infopint app. 

What makes the Infopoint app special? 

Of the management software in the market, Infopoint is one of its types, this app functions on both mobile and tab. With an easy-to-use interface, the cost of this app comes to around only ?2/per day. It is available in both the App Store and Play Store, download it to enjoy the benefits. For further details, visit our website https://www.infopoint.com/ or call us on +917550074279/+919150033948 

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