Fuel Your Big Data Strategy

A behavioral data-science scoring system for targeted marketing

Reduce Marketing Costs

99% of ads & catalogs are ignored -- with the powerful combination of SpendScore, Big Data and Machine Learning - target customers with the most relevant, preferred and effective marketing content/channel to yield higher response rates and reduce costs significantly.

Personalize Offers & Service

Most offers have a low degree of personalization (i.e. Jane and Joe are in a Gold tier and receive an identical 5% offer, but, Jane is more equal than Joe) -- SpendScore enables offers based on score tiers - higher the score, greater the offers and service level privileges.

Build Brand Loyalty

Traditional membership rewards loyalty programs provide poor visibility to customers on their loyalty factor -- SpendScore can be displayed on customer portals to communicate their current score, engagement levels and exclusive benefits of a higher score.

SpendScore Facts


A numerical decision support system, representing the true net-worth and engagement value of the customer to your business


A digital-avatar, weighted by 20+ behavioral Big Data attributes formulated using machine learning and cognitive computing


A valuation metric, analogous to the consumer Credit-Score or Credit-Rating system popular in the financial sector worldwide


A disruptive innovation in market segmentation, compared to traditional methodologies such as "customer lifetime value" (CLV)


BigData Enabled Analytics & Marketing Studio

A  comprehensive marketing software platform built for managing core marketing programs, featuring - personalized rewards orchestration, forecasting, content instrumentation, prescriptive analytics, targeted ads and much more - powered by SpendScore

How BeamStudio Works

  • 1. Analyze Historical Data

    BeamStudio combines multiple Big Data sources with the customer spend information data store of your enterprise and establishes behavioral data models using machine learning

  • 2. Derive SpendScore

    Every real-time customer spend event triggers an action to match the customer with the establised behavioral data models using cognitive computing, and the SpendScore digital-avatar is recalculated.

  • 3. Export InSights

    Customer SpendScore, propensity factors, forecasts and key actionable prescriptive insights are exported to the host system for integration with existing membership rewards loyalty programs

  • 4. Build Campaigns

    Create, configure and schedule omni-channel targeted marketing campaigns based on consumer SpendScore tiers and channel propensity factors to drive your core marketing plan

BeamStudio Technology

Cloud Hosted

BeamStudio has multiple deployment models and hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud by default. It can also be hosted within a private or hybrid cloud using the Microsoft Azure Stack platform


Application user identity, access and data stores are secured using Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Cloud or On-premise) providing a scalable and robust security framework

Highly Scalable

BeamStudio is built on top of the Microsoft Azure platform components (such as HDInsight, Data Factory, Batch etc.,) and provides for elastic on-demand petabyte type scale

Multi Tenant

BeamStudio is a multi-tenant application enabling data segregation and localization for enterprises requiring nested hierarchies of operations and management


Pay-As-You-Go - A simple, monthly subscription model 

No hardware required, nothing to install and zero maintenance

Support & feature upgrades included

Industry Focus