Does the billing software for small businesses can run campaigns and create customer loyalty groups?

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Yessss, YOU CAN DO & simpler your BIGGER TASK!

Feeling exhausted in using multiple business apps for your brand improvement. Experience the smarter Infopoint app to seamless your billing, campaign, and customer loyalty activities.

Remove lag in your billing process due to bulk paper billing, moving your business digital may save hours of business via Infopoint.

No more challenges in finding a relevant billing app for your business! 

If you need a simple app to send invoices in SMS, email & WhatsApp in one click or require a billing app that simplifies both billing and campaign tasks. We understand all your business needs deeper and land you with the necessary features in Infopoint to achieve your business goals smarter, faster & SEAMLESSLY.

Make your business a brand

Not better, a good user-friendly billing application help to improve your business performance and reduce your day-to-day manual business billing & campaign tasks.

Reduce data errors

Scale down your manual billing error via cloud-based invoicing. Fill the gaps in data loss and reduce the necessity of constant paper backups.

Customer loyalty

Create different customer tiers and offer rewards based on their spending to many customer groups such as Gold, Silver, Bronze, etc.

Multiple digital payment modes

Support & receive online payments via UPI, credit cards, debit cards, etc., and give more convenience to your customers.

Billing across your business units

Wherever you are, manage & track your multiple business branches in sort of data, billing, and campaign operations/activities.

Set up campaigns for loyalty

Running different & specific campaigns for various loyalty tiers won’t be a hurdle anymore. Based on customers' location and loyalty groups (Gold, Silver, Bronze, etc.) run & get splendid reach for your campaigns.

Different campaign channels

Are you choosing many apps for different campaigns?

In one go, reach your customers better via multi-channel campaigns, SMS, email & push notifications using Infopoint.

Reserve & check-in

Why do your customers have to wait in a queue?

Let them reserve and check-in at the available slot and improve your customers' convenience via the Infopass app.

Save trees & improve business revenue

Being environment-friendly & moving digital, save tons of papers and enjoy access to most of your business operations at your fingertips.

Infopoint provides unique billing & marketing features and helps to give your customer a better service via Infopass. Utilize our different billing software for small businesses & end with exclusive marketing results @ Infopoint & Infopass, a free customer app!

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