Frequently Asked Questions

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Execute multiple tasks with one app such as checkout/billing and invoices, inventory management, customer database, create campaigns, categorize customers, reservations, check-ins, offers and sales stats & so on.

Ideal for wholesalers, distributors, online home services, trained professionals, and retail shops (Saloon & Spa, Automobile Services, Restaurants, Groceries, Wellness services, Sports shops, etc.)

Yes. You can generate both based on the customer need.

You can use invoices & receipts for B2C and B2B transactions.

Of course, send receipts via WhatsApp, SMS and email.

Yes, 30 days* free trial is available for both US & India!

Yes, add as many as required to monitor & manage your business operations.

Easily you can create and save customers contact, address, expenditure and many more.

Yes. Based on your customer spend, reward and group them differently under the Loyalty program.

Based on customer spending, categorize, allocate rewards and add them into different TIERS like gold, bronze, silver, etc.

Yes. Create campaigns based on the customers' locations, TIERS (Gold, Silver & Bronze) and non-loyalty customers.

Yes. Assign distinct roles such as admin & users via Infopoint.

Yes. Reduce the waiting time via accepting or rescheduling customer bookings.

Yes. Wherever you are, Infopoint assists you.

At times for your business need, you can do it (*Mandatory to incorporate GST under Govt. norms)

On average, e-receipts or invoices can save 3% of your company revenue.

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Get data such as visits, purchases, transactions, reservations, check-ins and much more. From different retail businesses that you are associated with.

Yes, enjoy an inbuilt free wallet for your customers.

Yes, get the details of your visit, rewards, branch info, services & transactions.

Yes. Based on the availability, select any businesses in Infopass to make reservations.

Select any businesses in your Infopass wallet within a 50km radius or miles from your current location to reflect offers.

Of course, a business or shop assists to redeem your points and paying less for your purchases.

Yes. Visit or use the shop services more & increase your rewards.

Select the business cards in your wallet to check earned rewards & spending.

Give a loyalty Infopass app built with a free wallet and turn your business into a brand.

Yes, the transaction details accessible from your Infopass app for 5 years.

Yes. Make different online payment modes such as UPI, credit cards, debit cards and more.